Fluid Dynamics: Theory, Computation,
and Numerical Simulation

Third Edition

C. Pozrikidis



Amazon -- Springer

Why this book?

This book offers an introductory course in theoretical and computational fluid dynamics, presented in a way that unifies theory and numerical computation. Computational algorithms are developed immediately after problem formulations are discussed, and numerical methods are introduced along the way. The approach is truly introductory in that a minimum of prerequisites are required. The intended audience includes undergraduate and entry-level graduate students, and a broad class of scientists, engineers, and other enthusiasts with a general interest in scientific computing.

What is new in the third edition?

The discussion has been expanded throughout, new solved and unsolved problems has been added, and new subjects along with Matlab code have been introduced. The third edition refers to the latest version if the fluid dynamics software library FDLIB.

Software library FDLIB

This book is accompanied by the fortran and matlab software library FDLIB whose directories explicitly illustrate how algorithms translate into code insructions. The codes of FDLIB range from introductory to advanced, and the problems considered span a wide range of applications. The programs are written in a modular fashion that allows modification and post-processing, including graphics and animation.