Introduction to C++ Programming and Graphics

C. Pozrikidis



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This book offers a venue for rapidly learning the C++ language by illustrating step-by-step the basic syntax, grammar, and main features, and by explaining the basic ideas behind object-oriented programming with emphasis on scientific computing and graphics.

Why this book?

Though several hundred books on C++ are available, this text is unique in several ways:


Page Courtesy of
5 Paragraph under "Signed integers" please change "1101" to "1011" in two places. Eino Juhani Oltedal
6 Please change "Terabyte (Gbyte)" to "Terabyte (Tbyte)" Yair Treister
13 Please change "is 4,294,967,296" to "is 4,294,967,295" Joseph Roy D. North
29 Please change "10.3 ..." to "10.45 ..." Yair Treister
60 Please change "date" to "data"
84 Selection sort: please insert a line containing "{" after the first "for" loop; please replace the parentheses with square brackets in three places at the last three lines. Ambrose Chongo
95 Please change "3.14157" to "3.14159". Please change "pi = 3.14157" to "3.14159" Yair Treister
109 Please replace "maxal" with "max_alias" Ambrose Chongo
118 Please replace "void kalaboki()" with "int kalaboki()" Ambrose Chongo