Introduction to Finite and Spectral Element Methods using Matlab

C. Pozrikidis

Second Edition, 2014, Chapman & Hall/CRC

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Why this book?

Several hundred books on finite element methods are available.

This book is unique in the following ways:

  • Finite and element and spectral element methods are discussed alongside.
  • The methods are developed in the broad context of ordinary and partial differential equations, not from the narrower context of a specific discipline.
  • Applications and implentations are discussed for Laplace, Helmholtz, Stokes, Navier--Stokes, elasticity, structural mechanics and other applications.
  • Emphasis is placed on essential algorithms and computer implementation.
  • Practical programming experience is gained simultaneously thanks to the FSELIB library--a free library of MATLAB functions and codes. The codes can be easily translated into another language.
  • Self-contained grid-generation modules are provided.
  • A concise MATLAB primer is given in an Appendix.

FSELIB Matlab Library

This book is accompanied by the software library FSELIB


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