Some Engineering Mathematics

C. Pozrikidis


Forthcoming in 2019

Table of Contents and Sample Pages (preliminary)

This book is accompanied by the computer code library SEMLIB (alpha) archived into SEMLIB.tar

A good way for students, researchers, and others interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to brush up on analytical and computational methods and learn something new is to study some material that is a blend of the old and the new from a different viewpoint and through the prism of accumulated wisdom and critical thinking.

This book contains a collection of carefully selected topics and problems divided into several categories. The discussion provides opportunities for recalling and clarifying concepts and developing skills, and serves as a point of departure for exploration and further study. The material illustrates the usefulness of applied mathematics, numerical computation, and computer coding to problems encountered in a broad range of disciplines. A fair amount of original material is also included.

Elementary and advanced computer codes performing miscellaneous computations, simulations, and graphics visualizations are listed in the text. The programs illustrate explicitly how equations can be translated into compute code instructions. The codes are freely available in the software library SEMLIB under the terms of the current GNU license agreement.

Errata and supplements