Zen and the Art of Bayesian Analysis

C. Pozrikidis


Forthcoming in 2019

Table of Contents and Sample Pages (preliminary)

In a nutshell, Bayes theorem allows us to infer or deduce the probability of an event or quantifiable cause, given an observed consequence or measured effect. The theorem is especially useful when a consequence or effect may be due to a multitude of causes. In this concise book, the author introduces Bayes' theorem from the ground up and discusses methods of Bayesian analysis in a broad range of applications. All necessary concepts are defined and introduced in a self-contained discourse divided into four seasons and several appendices. Most of the discourse is accessible to anyone with a high-school level of mathematics. Analysis, narratives, and short stories, true or conceived, convey an important message: where we truly stand can be deduced from the propagated consequences of our actions and from the measured or felt results of our actions.

Errata and supplements